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To increase consumption of locally produced food and food products to create a sustainable economic environment in the Grand Valley for our community.

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Who we are a group of farmers, ranchers, food producers, and consumers with a strong belief that buying locally creates a community with enhanced economic, health, and social benefits.




Feed your family and your values.

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Our Latest Blog Posts…

Amazon and it’s Effect on Our Food Shed

Amazon and it’s Effect on Our Food Shed

As I read about Amazon’s interest in grass fed beef I have mixed feeling.  Part of me is glad of the national attention this will bring to the benefits of grass based agriculture, benefits to human, animal, and environmental health.  The other part of me is very...

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A Community in Need

A Community in Need

Whether you’re new to farming or have had dirty hands for decades, you know there is an unspoken polarization in the Grand Valley around just how to sell what you work so hard to produce. Do you take it to farmers market or do you wholesale it? Do you process the...

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