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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies After multiple meetings, your steering committee has decided that we should apply for the Producers Value Added Grant (PVAG) and the Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) under the USDA. The Producers Value Added Grant will look at the market...

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Amazon and it’s Effect on Our Food Shed

As I read about Amazon’s interest in grass fed beef I have mixed feeling.  Part of me is glad of the national attention this will bring to the benefits of grass based agriculture, benefits to human, animal, and environmental health.  The other part of me is very...

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A Community in Need

Whether you’re new to farming or have had dirty hands for decades, you know there is an unspoken polarization in the Grand Valley around just how to sell what you work so hard to produce. Do you take it to farmers market or do you wholesale it? Do you process the...

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Our Trucks are Ready to Roll

The time is here. After more than a year's work and much sweat, we have the beginnings of our Food Hub. We have decided to utilize the ToMarket.farm app to aggregate and coordinate the products to a delivery company, eventually getting to a chef. To get us started, we...

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Grand Valley Food Hub Forum – March 30

Come join us at Western Commuity College for our first big event, the Grand Valley Food Hub Forum on March 30th Go to Event Sign Up to register for this event and share this to your farmer, producer, and wholesale buyer friends. We need your feedback to build the best...

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Shift Happens

Things are changing. But then again, they always do. The local food movement is taking off nationwide, and Colorado is no exception. A myriad of state and local organizations are working to promote local food. The front line in Colorado consists of food hubs, CSAs...

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Why Local?

People are wondering, "Why local"? There is one reason...back to basics. We found this article that we found very interesting. We hope you do too. Local means that all products that we sell are raised on farms or ranches that are within a one-day drive or less to...

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